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This site is under development. It contains useful materials relating to DOEACC exams.


IGNOU BCA / MCA and other computer students

Many sites are selling assignment solutions for BCA / MCA and other courses. Just search on www.google.com by writing "assignments IGNOU". All are charging around Rs 300 per semester. One such site is www.gullybaba.com (not a porno site, i swear). The assignments should be submitted in time. However, if you are late by a few days, go ahead and send these to concerned study centres. And dont forget to have proper follow up with the study centre. If the study centre does not send your marks in assignments to IGNOU headquarters, you will be shown fail in your grade card. If even that happens, dont lose heart. You need not to appear in the term end exams that you have already passed.


Some say your password is like a toothbrush, you should change it often and never share."A password which is constructed of an English language word or other recallable pattern of keyboard characters, even with a special character or number interposed within its scheme, is child's play for brute force password guessing shareware programs such as Crack, Legion, NAT, L0phtcrack and others.

Mosaic was the first graphical interface software package, not hotjava. mosaic was developed by ncSA at the University of Illinois, with several supported commercial versions available from company such as Spry and Spyglass etc. it came in many versions for Windows, UNIX etc. Each version is colloquially called WinMosaic, MacMosaic and so on. Lynx was the first text based browser.



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