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Crompton Greaves Ltd

A.R. Patil

Secretarial Executive

We are forwarding 30 equity shares of Rs 10 each duly sub-divided, as a very special case.

Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL)

Manoj Baid, Dy Co.  Secretary

Since we all know the various provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, the rules made thereunder as well as the provisions of other economic legislations and Stock Exchange regulations, we feel that you need not to have to take so much pains to reproduce all these provisions, rules and regulations in your letter.

A one line letter could have been more than sufficient to get the things done as we are here to serve the investors.

We enclose herewith a copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association and Minutes of AGM. As a gesture of goodwill, we are pleased to waive the fees prescribed under Section 39 and 196 of the Companies Act, 1956 for supply of the above documents. 

Kinetic Trust Ltd

Vinod Bansal

Managing Director

With reference to your letter dated 16.09.1996, we thank you for your valued observations and comment in regard to the various provisions of the Company Law. We had noted the contents of your letter and also had a discussion with your goodself when you had visited our Delhi office on 24.09.1996. We appreciate all your observations and assure you that since the Board of the Company is comprised of experienced professionals there will be no deliberate violation / omission of any of the provisions of the Company Law. Many points raised by you were also clarified during the AGM of the Company wherein your goodself had graced the occasion.

Hindalco Industries Ltd

Anil J. Jhala

Vice President (Company Matters)

We are enclosing herewith our cheque no.319377 dated 21.11.1994, being the amount received towards your proposal for the re-appointment of Shri P.K. Daga as a Director on the Company's Board.

Cipla Ltd

S.M. Weling

Company Secretary

We have received your letter dated 29.01.1996. We must compliment you on this letter which is very well researched and exhaustively covers the various provisions regarding transfer of shares.

Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.


Mr A.B. Kerkar, Managing Director, has forwarded to us your communication of the 6th instant for disposal.

We are advised that we are under no obligations to give a reply to the various queries raised by you. We note that you are holding one equity share in the Company. However, without prejudice to our strict rights, you are welcome to attend our Office and take inspection of the various books and other documents. This is without prejudice to our rights with a view to prove our bona fides in the matter.

Saw Pipes Ltd


Co. Secretary

We are in receipt of your letter dated 06.06.1996. We find that the charges of Rs 2 was mentioned in our letter dated 06.05.1996 due to typographical error. The cost of the machine affixing the Hologram is nearly Rs 6 lacs and the cost of the seal per certificate comes to nearly 20 paise.

Tata Industries Ltd.

K.D. Skandan

P.A. to Mr Ratan N Tata

This has reference to your fax of 31.10.1998 addressed to Mr Ratan Tata. All the relevant data you had asked has been submitted to you.

Indian Hotels Co Ltd

B.D. Nariman

It was indeed a pleasure to have spoken with you this afternoon. I have subsequently received your fax. Thank you for the observation made by you. However, it is apparent, it is printer's devil and is obviously slipped the verifyer's eye. Thank you for the keen interest and observations made by you. 

You may send the detailed letter regarding the Balance Sheet Analysis marked for the attention of Mr M.F. Pancha, Vice President-Finance, of the Company and I am sure he would be pleased to respond.

Nestle India Ltd

M.S.I. Lakdawala

Company Secretary

We thank you for your letter dated 29.01.1996 addressed to the Chairman and the same will be forwarded to him for further comments.

Tata Group

Mukand Rajan

Executive Officer

Mr R.N. Tata's Office

This refers to your letter of 07.07.1996 addressed to Mr R.N. Tata, who is currently travelling overseas. 

We take this opportunity to thank you for your useful suggestions, which are being shared with the companies concerned.

With regards

Hawkins Cookers Ltd

B.M. Rai

Managing Director

Thank you for your letter 10.02.1996, which I have carefully gone through.

Hindustan Lever Ltd

P.B. Desai 

We thank you for the notice u/s 257 of the Companies Act proposing Mr Deepak S. Parekh as the Director of the Company at the AGM held on 24.06.1997.

We are pleased to inform you that Mr Deepak S. Paresk has been elected a Director of the Company at the aforesaid AGM to hold office till the conclusion of the next AGM.

Tata Chemicals Ltd

B.R. Bahl

Company Secretary


We thank you for pointing out the Government Notification regarding rounding of the dividend due to the shareholders. I am instructing our Registrars to take special note of your suggestion. Thanks for the same.

As a special case, I give you the details of item no. 7 of the notice of the AGM held in 1994. The extract of the proceedings regarding Mr M.J. Patel's proposal for directorship is enclosed herewith.... I am sure that you could plead with the Government that such wasteful practices are disallowed. As you know our such notices cost over Rs Two Lacs to the Company which does not benefit anybody. 

Tata Chemicals Ltd

B.R. Bahl

Company Secretary


Thank you for inviting our attention to the printing error in Annual Report appearing on page 19. Intimation cards have been sent to all the members.


Tata Group

Mukand Rajan

Executive Officer

Mr R.N. Tata's Office


This refers to your letter of July 07, addressed to Mr R.N. Tata, who is currently travelling overseas. We are forwarding your queries to the relevant Tata companies for appropriate response. We also take this opportunity to thank you for your useful suggestions, which are being shared with the companies concerned.


Deepak Parekh


I am in receipt of your letter dated 08.07.1996. I appreciate the interest and effort you have taken in analysing our financials and am glad to receive feedback on the subject from you.

I have handed over your letter to the concerned departments to make a detailed study of the same and on receipt of their comments, I shall reply on the various issues raised by you.

As regards our meeting, I would suggest that we meet in Delhi since it is closer to your house and I travel quite frequently to Delhi.

I once again thank you for your letter and request you to await my reply, which I shall send you shortly.

MRPL Ltd. Kumar Mangalam Birla



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