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The art of writing letters is being relegated to the oblivion.



Mr Bill Gates

Mr B.M.Mayor

Chairman, Luxor Pen Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd

Principal, S.D.College, Barnala

Volplane Adbenture Club



Mr Bill Gates

This letter was sent to Mr Bill Gates. The reply from Microsoft was accompanied by an autographed photograph of Mr Gates.

13th December 1998


"On the holy and sacred occasion of  Christmas, I wish to convey my greetings to your goodself.


I love to see your name here and there everywhere. My friends say in lighter vein that I am having billache. Whatever they say, I certainly feel inspired to hear even your name alone.


I know that your time is precious and you have still gigamiles to go on The Road Ahead. However, I shall feel obliged if you may kindly arrange to send me your autographed photograph.


Namaskar to Milinda ji and love to babe Jennifer Katharine."


This letter was replied by Mr Jain personally along with the pens duly replaced.


                                                Wednesday, 25 October, 2000


Mr. D.K. Jain


Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd.

5, Okhla Industrial Estate

NEW DELHI-110 020


Mr Chairman, Sir, with your kind permission, I seek some of your precious moments to ponder over some of the facts mentioned below which otherwise seem to have skipped your young but mature attention.


Sir, with the entry of MNCs, there is stiff competition in almost all consumer commodities and durable. Though profit is the main driving force behind every business, competition compels survival to be thought on the top of the agenda. So it has become more than natural for organisations to pay their utmost attention to the customers. Caveat Emptor i.e. ‘Let the Buyer Beware’ though still exists to some varied degrees in different business and consumer segments, centuries if not millenniums old ‘Customer is the King’ is also coming back on the track, gaining currency and speeding up day by day.


Roti, kapda aur makaan were but everything that is to say basic needs, comforts and luxuries in yesteryears. The Customer-is-the-King dictum signifies not only the abundancy of choices and alternatives available to the Kings (read: customers) but also their kingly propensity to spend. It is only up to producers to grab the market share, customer loyality and build its brand image. Tata Tea’s purchase of Tetley Brand for US $ 270 million (it seems albeit difficult to count suffixed zeroes if the sum is converted into INC) clearly shows the idiomic rock-solid confidence of  the customers in the brand.


Which soap you use? Which dental cream you use? Make these questions to any Tom, Dick or Harry in this good India and there are a plenty of chances these to be replied with Pears, Lux, Colgate, Close Up or any other reputed brand for that matter.


So we can safely assume that in the present era, companies are focussing their energies on brand building and customer satisfaction.


Let me come on ball pens and refills. Those were the peaceful days when people generally used to purchase local made ball pens and refills. Then Reynolds’ arrival changed the whole scenario. But nowadays Gel pens are trying to rewrite the history. These are very comfortable scaling up its selling price index. While switching up from Re 1 local-made refill to Rs 5 Reynolds refill was somehow sturdy, Diamond Roller of AddGel and your products do not seem too uncomfortable even at three digit figure or so but subject to and without prejudice to some observations made in this communiqué.


Who bothers to pay for purchasing the buzz and silent (seems contradictory, of course, I agree) word ‘satisfaction’ so long the product is really satisfying one. It becomes most painful when one does not get satisfaction from the products like Parker. The main pain is not of paying the dangerous price but because of the unfortunate breach of faith put in the product / producer.


Some people may take it in lighter vein. But it is my serious and earnest request and suggestion to your goodself to not to take it so lightly else in turn the customers may start taking your products with the corresponding and similar lightness.


We always use quality products whatsoever and howsoever the costly they may be. We switched from Luxor products to ADD products to Parker expecting a still better and longer love of ink with our papers. Alas! The life was not so easy. Roller is behaving as if there is some speed-breaker in her way. Her cousin, the ballpen, too have some quality problems. Cap cracking cannot be overlooked; perhaps. It was used in routine office hours. No overtime really. Fearing further pre-mature and untimely injuries to them, we are pained to stop purchasing these world-class pens. I am enjoying the pleasure of sending two of them for your R&D wing. A report be submitted to the undersigned after proper inspection and checking. May its counterpart inkpens be tougher ones. Red colour ink certainly seems very unattractive and unsober. Further it has been brought to my notice that Parker Ink in all generally used colours is not available at Barnala. Why don’t you think of introducing a new colour (using RGB or CYMK, of course) in the market?


Your learned friend AddGel’s claim of precision components from OHTO, Japan clearly signifies the brand image of Japan. Yes, it is definitely the brand image though not of a product but of a country consisting of good producers. We assume everything manufactured in Japan to be of good quality because of  our mental make up for Made-in-Japan label. So in the same way, companies at home in India should try and endeavour to build that kind of ever-lasting, unalterable and indelible image. Though various information is legally required to be printed on the title or wrapper, even a distant and casual look of organisation’s logo or brand should be sufficient to have the recognising glare, confidence and patronage of the customers.


The undersigned is fully aware about the legal actions that can be taken against your Organisation under Consumer Protection Act and, Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Act. However, at heart I certainly feel that actions like these or news reports in media can certainly be harmful for your business, which is never ever our intent or desire.


So I am dropping this tiny communiqué just to give you this bowing feedback which you may or may not be receiving from your other well-wishers. I have not even an iota of thought in my mind to point out your shortcomings or ills or to claim damages for the money and time wasted by me on your otherwise nice products, but this is just a very very humble submission to suggest your good offices to improve the quality of your products and win the customers lest and else your competitors will do it.


I would be grateful to have your kind response along with a catalogue containing complete range of your products. You may also arrange to send name and address of CEO of Parker Pen Products, U.K. for our reference and records.


With sweet and ever-lasting memories,


Mr B.M.Mayor

This letter was sent to Mr Mayor of India, when he was in USA. 

17th June 2k(g)

Before your leaving here from home, you had to give your address along with phone & fax numbers. But you could not do so perhaps because of paucity of time.


I have loved the details and style thereof given briefly by you. I always like these type of very informal ‘chatting’ letters. I expect this tete-a-tete frequently.


As I know people from western countries sometimes feel tired of money-chasing and they come to India in search of some spiritual ideas and for peace. But people from India prefer to go America because they do not feel satisfied with the system of working here. So we cannot make a clear-cut demarcation as to we should stay in which one particular country. It is a subjective matter and depends upon and varies with person to person. However I must confess that almost everybody thinks States as a fascinating dollar-rich country free from corrup. I also believe that the virtues of honesty are got imbibed in them at grassroot level. Not all the people are corrupt here in India. They have to follow the system. If somebody gets himself appointed at some senior post with the aid of cheque and jack, fees and feast; it is but natural he will seek ‘refund’ of his money. And the people refunding will be genuinely interested in the refund of their own money. So it is the vicious circle, almost everybody is involved in it one way or the other, a good membership of around 100+ crores.


Anyway, tell me more about the States and your routine there. What do you do all the day. Internet and TV are O.K. and what about the rest of the time. Life must be comfortable there from the worldly possessions point of view. What about religious activities there? Are there any other religious places besides Churches? Somebody has told me that our body is the ‘most’ religious place and we should not seek Him from outside.


As Prince of Wales, Edward VII  was known by his friends for his sense of humour. One intimate, relying on the prince's joviality, declined a dinner invitation with the telegram: "Sorry cannot come. Lie follows." Edward was immensely amused.

25th June (Y)2K

To:  M/s Volplane Adbenture Club


Mein taan bus guilt di kit vaare he pucchheyyaa si  ……, par tusin mainu desi samjh baithe….


I was desily trying to imitate your much talked about style and rhythm.


Hor ajkal tusin kee kar rahe ho. Kade phone bone hi nahin aaiyyaa. Kidher de tour taar kadhi jaande ho? Vaeise tusin ho bande jugari. Koi na koi dhahbhann karde hi rehnde ho.


Khair, Barnale kadon aa rahe ho? Vada yar loki sonu ithe yaad karde nein. Kade koi tour-taar di yaa phir koi aisi-vaisi gall chaldi hai tann soda reference invariably aa hi jaanda hai.


Captains, yesterday I was reading Khushwant Singh’s ‘S.., Scotch and Scholarship’. Excerpt:


                Mandir dhah de, masjid dhah de,

                dhah de jo kuj dhehnda

                ik kise da dil naan dhahin

                Rabb dilan wich rehnda.

Now let’s try some masala in Punjabi also:

Now some serious matter (above was also serious of course). As regards your suggestion to explore the possibility of English Speaking Course at Barnala, I have to submit that people here are very much interested to learn how to speak English. People are willingly ready to pay the fees whatever it may be, but the problem is that people want it by magic wand. They cannot afford to take the labourious pills of lessons and try grinding the Eng themselves. Whenever somebody sees somebody else speaking Eng, everybody gets impressed irrespective of what one is saying or how is saying or what is the grammatical structure. Only flow and fluency rather than Eng words matter. People even do not know Punjabi in perfect order. General talking is also not impressive. People find it inconvenient to say Varinder Agro Chemicals Ltd (a local factory) as ‘Varinder Agro’. Khaad Factory is easy and actual for them. One more factory here is Geeta Threads Ltd which is owned by Dr. Bhim Sain Garg. You cannot believe, once I had seen a bill addressed as ‘Bheem di Factory’.


I think you will kindly forgive me for presenting a discouraging but the real story before you. But I strongly feel that whatever you wish to do you should do it among the educated (not necessarily qualified) people and your efforts should be aimed at creating brand image especially at teething stage though profit motive cannot be overignored. This will give you mental and internal satisfaction and moreover it will be beneficial to you in longer run if our thoughts are pure. Whatever we deserve will naturally come to our way like our shadow and nobody but nobody can deprive us from that.


Some are wise and some are otherwise. You surely be coming in first category. So I cannot dare anymore to tell you something else.


It is said that best moments with friends are those of departure (not from this land). S. Joga Singh ji has found the best of words from his heart:


Nothing else to pen…


This letter was sent in 1995 when I was studying in B.Com. II year and my age was 19 years.


  June 12, 1995

Sh H.S. Attri


S.D. College

BARNALA-148 101


Respected Sir,


I have had the pleasure of attending Annual Convocation & Prize Distribution Function ("function" or "the function")held on 19th May,1995 in college premises. The function was a grand and magnificent success.


I take this opportunity to convey my heartiest congratulations on this occasion.


As a Principal, it was your first ever function. The function had been held after a long gap of 11 years or so. Even then, there was no irregularity or deficiency in the whole arrangement. Everything was well arranged. There was a good sitting arrangement. This all credit goes to your good self, under whose guidance and supervisory control an history has been made. It is an very old maxim that history repeats itself. I am sure that this history will be repeated year after year.


Sir, with your kind permission, I intend to give following suggestions:




The prizes had been distributed to first three toppers in every subject. I beg to differ. These should be given away only to the students securing first position in any subject. In the case of aggregate marks, the prizes should, of course, be given to the students securing three top



Moreover, students should be informed well in advance that the Prize Distribution Function will be held barring unforeseen circumstances, so as to create some interest among them and also to have the spirit of competition and self-motivation.



- : 2 : -




It has been noticed that the Lecturers themselves demoralize the students and advise them not to care for house-exams. They advise that house-exams are just a formality. What can be expected from students in such a state of affairs. I remember a teacher's words that teacher's comments should be more exhaustive than students' answers. The real purpose of house-exams should be to let the students know about the style of writing and, of course, to let them know their deficiencies. So that these mistakes and deficiencies may not be repeated in final exams. Nevertheless, the answer sheets of final exams are not checked properly and thoroughly, yet the students should be advised to do their best and not to boast.


I think that it would be better and brighter if our teachers would dwell on making the students mentally sound, intellectually high and all rounder best student.


A cheerful teacher is like a sunny day, shading brightness of all around; and it depends upon him to make the college either a paradise or a prison.




`Profs. on Leave' column remains unattended for many a days. Names once entered there become the property of the Notice Board. These are not updated daily, but at random.


I would like to suggest proper and timely maintenance of Notice Board. Furthermore, Notice Board may be got decorated.




The standard of college canteen should be upgraded to comparable with other colleges/universities of repute. This should be done on priority basis.




There are tremendous changes in discipline among students after your becoming Principal. This discipline is self-discipline and not discipline by force. I think that this type of discipline (self-discipline) is more effective, long lasting and result oriented. It is a matter of great

satisfaction and pride that now the students have complete self-discipline and 100 per cent confidence and respect towards your good self.



  Libraries enable the students to have most effective and meaningful utilization of the resources.


Libraries have to promote and spread knowledge by providing exposure to the world of books and the wisdom contained in them.


- : 3 : -

  In libraries, we may read the most important histories, the most exciting volumes of travels and adventure, the most interesting stories, the most beautiful poems; we may meet the most eminent statesman, poets, and philosophers, benefit by the grandest creations of human genius.


The debt we owe to books was well expressed by Rechard de Bury, Bishop of Durham. According to him, "These are the masters who instruct us without rods and ferrules, without hard words and anger, without clothes or money. If you approach them, they are not asleep; if investigating you interrogate them, they conceal nothing; if you mistake them, they never grumble; if you are ignorant, they cannot laugh at you. The library, therefore, of wisdom is more precious than all riches, and nothing that can be wished for is worthy to be compared with it. Whosoever therefore acknowledges himself to be zealous follower of truth, of happiness, of wisdom, of science, or even of the faith, must of necessarily make himself a lover of books".


Imagine in the words of Aikin, that we had it in our power to call up the shades of the greatest and wisest men that ever existed, and oblige them to converse with us on the most interesting topics-what an inestimable privilege should we think it! - how superior to all common enjoyments! In books we have the choicest thoughts of the ablest men in their best dress.


Cicero described a room without books, as a body without soul.


But most regretfully, our College Library is regarded just as a store-house of books and these are meant for preservation and exhibition. The librarian is just a custodian. The students are not encouraged to read, rather they are harassed. Thus books are not easily accessible. Perhaps, there is not enough incentive for students to become dynamic, to read books, to be familiar with current topics. Library is tended to be passive and archival institution.


There should be no feeling of monopoly, rather than active as a controller, the librarian should be a mediation in the process of imparting knowledge in her own sphere. A librarian should be a book of vast knowledge himself giving rather than keeping; unbiased, unprejudiced to all its readers, and rather be a source of comfort, solace and happiness.


Since library is a growing organism, the librarian should keep on introducing new books currently published from all walks of life to make the dictum that knowledge is a power and, pleasure as well.


Library is a treasure of books, books are the treasure of knowledge and knowledge is the key to success.


I would, therefore, like to suggest that the library should enhance its value in the whole system.


- : 4 : -


I understand that better sitting arrangement in college library has been made by providing good number of chairs. I have seen many students busy in praising your good self.




Certain number of lecturers are appointed on ad hoc basis. I would like to suggest that only experienced and specialized teachers should be appointed. Educational qualification should not be the only criteria, but exposure power, interest to teach, interest to learn and behavioural nature should also be given due weight age.




Students of English Medium have no option but to study in Punjabi. They have to face undue difficulties. The teachers should, therefore, be advised to teach in English to the extent all the students may understand it.




Now entrance tests are held for almost all courses. IIT, National Talent Search Exam, NDA, CDS, Engineering colleges, Medical colleges, UPSC, SSC, Banks, LIC, MBA, RBI POs, SBI and other bank POs, Recruitment Boards, Railway, Income Tax, India Army, GMAT, Hotel Management are a name to few. These

tests consist mainly Test of Reasoning, Comprehensive Intelligence, Advanced General English, Numerical Ability Test, Objective Arithmetic, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, Personality Test etc. The students should be advised to make it their habit to read, grasp and sharpen

their skills in solving these problems, so that it may be less-difficult or difficulty-less for them at the time to test.


There is enormous increase in number of students joining commerce faculty. The college may introduce the practice of Entrance Test to have only result oriented students.




Some of the students do not attend the class regularly. They think that their attendance will be marked as present after paying some fine, say Rs 30. This makes an impression on the minds of the students that it is the money around which everything clusters. They suppose that anything can be had by paying money.


This does not seem to be a healthy practice. Therefore, attendance should be marked on actual basis. However, in case of any genuine difficulty, students may take leave after the special permission of the Principal.




A sincere compliment is one of the most effective ways to motivate someone. To motivate the students, every year the college should select one "Student of the Year" like Miss



  - :  5  : -


India,  Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Punjab. The  student so  selected should be the All Rounder Best Student. Caste, Creed, Age, Sex etc should not be the criteria for selection. Marks in college/university exams should also not

be taken in consideration to a greater extent. Rather he or she should be selected on the basis of his/her interest in Religious and Cultural activities, manners, deportment, facial expression, General Knowledge, Intelligence Quotient, Ability to grasp, Art of Public Speaking, His/her relations among his/her fellow students, relations with Lecturers,

general attitude to life, knowledge/interest in computer science, Interest in Hindi, English, Punjabi and, any other extraordinary activity.




The purpose of debating is to create a speaker and sharpen the knowledge to students in various subjects. Regular participation in the debates conducted by the society and/or the college compels students to read widely on the subject on which he or she has to speak and gather information. Knowledge is the fair runner of speaking and a person cannot speak unless he has knowledge of the subject. Regular participation in debates equips a student wide knowledge outside college books and teachers' lectures. This knowledge is acquired through students's own initiative and personal interest. The habit of reading and gathering knowledge inculcated upon a person in the early age can make a person stand in good stead when engaged in the life struggle.


It is like self advertising through speaking. Nobody becomes aware of the merit of a student who is habitually reticent except through exam results. But his influence and prestige enormously increases if he is also a good speaker.


In today's environment of corruption and alteration in marks, a good speaker can express his intellect and in many examinations, now the university marks are not important but written test and personal & group discussion are emphasized and the good speaker can only be marked as excellent

performer as he has met to tremble for words.


Whatever may be the profession in life, a good speaker takes the foremost position by expression of his intellect.


I, therefore, strongly recommend that the College should hold debates, especially on current topics, bi-monthly. It would not be out of place to suggest here that there should not be 6-7 days wastage on making arrangements for debate on the part of the lecturers. This should be done in normal course just as a routine. Papers should be prepared by students themselves and not be Lecturers. Students may, of course, take help from Lecturers or anybody else. But there should be constructive and original thinking on the part of the students.


- : 6 : -




Educational trips are very beneficial for students. The trips help the students to gain and sharpen geographical knowledge of the Country and also to become more familiar with our cultural, religious and social activities. While on trip, being physically away from parents, the students learn

self-help, team-spirit, co-ordination et el. This also enhance their self-confidence, devotion, loyalty, unselfishness, toleration, mutual confidence, mutual sympathy etc. Furthermore, this helps the students to develop their communication skills. As Bacon rightly put it, "Travelling is the best part of education."


Thus this is undoubtedly the maximum and meaningful utilization of vocations.


25% of the journey expenses have not been provided by the College since 1978. The students had not bothered / complained (or they were helpless!) showing their confidence in the Management.


This year, there were plans to go out for trip in South India side. The lecturers go with students for their guidance and supervision. They have to take a lot of pains in arrangement of trip. They have to pass sleepless nights for the comfort of the students. I would especially like to mention Sh Jai Prakash ji, under whose parental guidance most of the trips go out to different parts of the country.


But regretfully, now the college has refused to bear T.A./D.A. of lecturers thus making it impossible for the students to go out for a trip. Excuse me, Do you think is it an healthy practice?




It would not be out of place to mention here that some approach-minded students tend to borrow text-books from college library, though they belong to fairly rich families.


I would like to suggest that the text-books should be lent only to poor and needy students keeping in view the limited stock of text-books.


Similarly, fee concession should be granted only to the poor and needy students.




An adage is a traditional maxim, a proverb of common experience, a short statement based on long experience.


I have a good collection of quotations. I give herein below some of them, hoping that the thoughts and quotations in which I have myself found most comfort may perhaps be of use to others also.


Every notice to be displayed on Notice Board may have one quotation appended.



 - : 7 : -


   1)  Dream what you dare to dream

           Go where you want to go

           Be what you want to be.


   2)  Believe in yourself

           and others will too.


   3)  One of the great pleasures of life is doing

           the things that others say you cannot do.


   4)  You do not know what you can do

     until you try.


   5)  Nothing ventured,not gained.


   6)  There is no limit to what you can achieve-

     provided, you do not mind who gets the



   7)  You can achieve anything you want-

     if you help enough people get what they want.


   8)  People will remember what you achieve-

     not what you promised to achieve.


   9)  When you have achieved you goal,

     satisfaction will be your reward.


   10) Earn a reputation for achieving by

     meeting deadlines and getting things done.


   11) You can if you believe you can.


   12) Saying is one thing, doing another.


   13) Hesitate about giving advice

     unless you are asked.


   14) Don't offer advice unless

     you have gained it through experience.


   15) We can offer advice but

     we cannot give the wisdom to profit from it.


   16) Advice tells you much about the person giving



   17) The supply of advice always exceeds the



   18) What you want to be is more important

     than what you are.


   19) ANGER:People who fly into a rage

     overheat their engines

     and make bad landings.


   20) ANGER:People like pins, are useless

     if they lose their heads.



- :  8  : -


   21) Attitude: It is your attitude,

     not your aptitude

     that determines your altitude.


   22) Look backwards with gratitude,

     upwards with confidence and,

     forwards with hope.


   23) You expression is the most important

     thing you wear.


   24) Smile and the world smiles with you-

     cry and you cry alone.


   25) Happiness is not something you find-

     it is something you create.


   26) BUDGET: A budget is a method of worrying

     before you spend instead of afterwards.


   27) BUSINESS: Any manager can reduce prices but

     it takes intelligence to increase profits.


   28) It is better to be silent and be considered a

     fool than to speak and remove all doubt.


   29) Silence is one the arts of conversation.


   30) The art of conversation is not knowing what

     you ought to say,

     but what you ought not to say.


   31) Great things are done more through courage

     than through wisdom.


   32) Knowledge is power-if applied.


   33) Nobody knows what they can do until they try.


   34) The best way to learn to do a job is by doing



   35) You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your mouth.


   36) Excellence is exceeding all expectations


   37) Aim to perform to the best of your ability.


   38) Don's make excuses-make good.


   39) Nothing experienced is ever lost.


   40) Experience is a good teacher

     but the school fees are heavy.


   41) Facts do not cease to exist because

     they are ignored.




          - :  9  : -


   42) Failure isn't when you fall down;

     it's only when you don't get up again.


   43) Make peace with others and

     quarrel with your faults.


   44) The freedom of a society varies in proportion

     to the volume of its laughter.


   45) If you like people, people will like you.


   46) A business whose only goal is profit

     is a poor kind of business.


   47) Honesty is the best policy.

     It is best because is has little competition.


   48) A good thing to give a person

     is a useful idea.


   49) Good ideas don't keep; you must do something with them-immediately.


   50) Imagination dies under the withering heat of criticism.


   51) It is easier to do a task than worry about it.


   52) If you need information, don't wait for it to come to you go and search for it.


   53) LAZINESS:The less one has to do the less time one finds to do it.


   54) LEARNING:A field, however fertile

     cannot be fruitful without cultivation,

     and neither can a mind without learning.


   55) Learn from many teacher,

     as a bee takes honey from many flowers.


   56) It is nice to be important-

     but it is more important to be nice.


   57) Plan as if you were going to live for ever

     Live as if you were going to doe tomorrow.


   58) People blame circumstances for what they are.

     To be successful look after the circumstances

     you want

     If you cannot find them, make them.


   59) Nature has given us two ear but one tongue

     that we may hear from other

     twice as much as we speak.


   60) Always listen to your inner thoughts

     for advice-not from others.



          - :  10  : -


   61) Minds, like parachutes

     only function when open.


   62) The only person who never makes a mistake

     is the person who never does anything.


   63) The freedom to make mistakes provides

     a good environment for creativity.


   64) Wise people learn from other people's



   65) Individual recognition of good work pays



   66) A sincere compliment is one of the most

     effective ways to motivate someone.


   67) Never fear to negotiate

     but never negotiate out of fear.


   68) All the skills to solve a problem won't help

     if you don't have the will.


   69) To ask a question

     may bring a moment's shame,

     but not to ask and remain ignorant

     is a lifetime of shame.


   70) Unless you are prepared to take risks,

     you will do nothing, have nothing and,

     be nothing.


   71) Rules and regulations are for

     the guidance of wise people

     and the blind obedience of fools.


   72) To convince others, first convince yourself.


   73) Skills are not copyright-

     they are transferable.


   74) Success requires hard work, training and


     If you can cope with these,

     opportunities are everywhere.


   75) We all have one thing in common-

     a 24 hours day

     It's how we use our time that makes the



   76) There are three things that can never be

     retrieved-the spoken word, time past and the

     neglected opportunity.


   77) If you want fame

     learn the value of your time.

     Successful people know

     how to make best use of it.



          - :  11  : -


   78) People remember winners Nobody remembers losers.


   79) A wise old owl sat on an oak.

     The more he sat the less he spoke;

     The less he spoke the more he heard.

     Why are not we like that wise old bird?


   80) The more you learn, the more you realize

     how much you don't know.


   81) Some people are wise- some are otherwise.


   82) The right word at the right time is a powerful ally.


   83) Most people like hard work-

     especially if they are paying others to do it for them.


   84) Enjoy the work you do and do the best you can.


   85) It's not how hard you work,

     it's how much you get done

     that's important.


   86) If you are willing to work hard

     many people will be willing to help you.


   87) Work is a better cure for worry than alcohol.


   88) Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

     Remember this as the five Ps.


   89) There is no replacement for effort.


   90) When you work hard, you have earned the right

     to play.


   91) Don' be an underachiever.


   92) People can be divided into three groups:

     Those who make things happen.

     Those who watch things happen.

     Those who wonder what happened.

     Become the captain of first group.


   93) Luck may bring you riches,

     but it will never bring you wisdom.


   94) No failure is ever final-nor is any success.


   95) The great man shows his greatness by

     the way he treats the little man.


   96) True wealth is what you are,

     not what you have.



          - :  12  : -


   97) Master your enemies not be force

     but by forgiveness.


   98) Everyone you meet knows something

     you don't know but need to know.

     Learn from them.


   99) You will learn more about a road by

     travelling it than by consulting all the

     maps of the world.


   100) To be bitter is to waste precious moments of a life that's too short already.


   101) Knowledge without action is like snow on a hot stove.


   102) The surest way to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy.


   103) If you want people to like you, Rule 1 is:

     Become genuinely interested in other people.


   104) An investment in knowledge always

     pays the best interest.


   105) Education knows no saturation point.


   106) A person who asks a question is a fool

     for five minutes,

     one who does not, remains a fool for ever.


   107) Reading is to the mind what exercise

     it to the body.


   108) Respect cannot come from force-

     it must be won.


   109) Don't afraid to go out on a limb-

     that's where you find the fruit.


   110) A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.


   111) Skill is nil without will.


   112) Value you time-it's a diminishing resource.


   113) The wise person is the one who knows there is something to be learnt from everyone.


   114) The fruit derived from labour is the sweetest of all pleasures.


   115) Talk slow but think quick.


   116) Don't admire people for their wealth but for

     the creative and generous way they put to use



          - :  13  : -


   117) Be quick to take advantage of an advantage.

     118) Don't dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source.

     119) When opportunity knocks, invite it to stay for dinner.

     120) Remember that the more you know, the less you fear.

     121) Trust in God but lock your car.

   122) Focus on making things better,not bigger.

   123) Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

   124) Judge your success by the degree that you're

     enjoying peace, health and love.

   125) Commit yourself to constant self-important.

   126) Be especially courteous and patient with

     older people.

   127) Never risk what you can't afford to lose.

   128) Great achievements involve great risk.

   129) Pray. There is immeasurable power in it.

   130) When you see visitors taking pictures of each

     other, offer to take a picture of their group


   131) Practice what you know, and it will help you

     to discover what don't know.

     132) You will never be strong enough, unless your

     strength is based on what is right.

     133) If you want enemies, excel others;

     if you want friends let others excel you.


   134) If a man speaks, or acts with a pure thought,

     happiness follows him like a shadow that

     never leaves him.


   135) Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to

     argue freely according to conscience, above

     all liberties.

     136) True wealth is what you are, not what you


     137) One of God's greatest miracles is to enable

     ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


          - :  14  : -


   138) If you are doing your best, you won't have

     any time to worry about failure.

     (Exception: College exams).


   139) If a man is unhappy, this must be his own

     fault; for God made all men to be happy.


   140) Deliberate with caution, but act with

     decision and promptness.


   141) Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.


   142) Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.


   143) One of the most important things, we can give

     others is hope, with direction, encouragement and believability.


   144) We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.


   145) Hobbies take your mind of things that are worrying you, allow you to recharge    

         your batteries, expand your horizons, increase your self-esteem, expose you to

         new ideas, and let you have fun with people like you.


   146) No doubt you have heard many times the

     advice, "To be happy, make others happy." The

     scientifically accurate declaration is "To make others happy, be happy yourself."


   147) Ninety-nine per cent of the failures come

     from people who have the habit of making



   148) It is important to make a habit of

     succeeding, and the easiest way to start is

     to succeed at something, however small, every

     day, gradually increasing the level of your

     ambitions and achievements like a runner a training.


   149) Watch your attitude. It is the first thing people notice about you.


   150) Be the first to fight for a just cause.

     151) Do the right thing, regardless of what others think.


I would like to quote some excerpts of speeches made by Mr. T.N.  Seshan, CEC, the outstanding achiever of  being universally hated by all the political parties:


"In India, what passes for democracy is not democracy. It does not have any of the elements of democracy. There is no will of the people. There is no rule by the consent. There




          - :  15  : -


is no administration of justice... the country is seeing a loss of faith in that which passes for democracy. All of us are collectively responsible for the tragic pass to which we have brought this country."


"There is law in this country for every purpose...the per capita availability of laws in the world is nowhere as high as in India. And implementation of them is nowhere as deficient as in India."


"Since the last four years I have been searching for one square foot of this country which is made up of dry sand. I am not talking of Rajasthan desert. I am looking for dryness which is not impregnated with corruption."


"Today, with no disrespect to anybody, there are leaders, but there are no leaders who are Titans. Most of our leaders today, I regret to say, are pygmies."


"The India of my dreams, though technologically keeping pace with the world and economically sound and self-sustaining, will be only an India of clay and mud if the foundations are not built on human character and honesty sustained by education which nurtures the human personality in its true





Our system of education is still limited in its approach. Education in India is still only bookish and merely career-oriented. It does not train fully grown, aware and self-assured young men and women to swim confidently in the tumultuous ocean of the competitive and conflict-ridden society.


Education should fit a man to perform justly, skillfully and magnanimously all the offices. Education should not be mere a set of instructions, because it is far more important to cultivate the mind than to store the memory. A field, however fertile, cannot be fruitful without cultivation and neither can a mind without learning. Instruction should only be a part of education. Studies are a means and not an end. Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them.


Education in the true sense should bring a change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but it should also enhance the capacity of a student to do, to think, to express, to apply and to acquire skills because knowledge without application is useless.


A boy who leaves college knowing much, but hating his lessons, will soon have forgotten almost all he ever learnt; while another who had acquired a thirst for knowledge, even he had learnt little, would soon teach himself more than the first ever know.


In the noble words of Epictetus, "You will do the greatest

          - : 16 : -

service to the state if you shall raise, not the roofs of the house, but the souls of the citizens; for it is better that great souls should dwell in small houses than for mean slaves to lurk in great houses."


It is, often, of great importance to consider whether our present system of education is the one best calculated to fulfill these great objects. Does all the study of the classics to which students devote so many years give any just appreciation of them; or do they not on leaving college too often feel with Byron-


     "The farewell,Horace;whom I hated so!"


Students profit little by lessons which do not interest them. There are many who think that we not only advocate education but discuss the best system, we are simply beating the chair.


In fact, the evaluation system leaves the brilliant students cold. It does not really produce a judgement on who is excellent. Somebody is hollow inside but a very impressive outside. Somebody has a pretty face or a good moustache and, therefore, he becomes a more impressive personality. He

becomes a rambo. That is not what is excellency. What is excellence? What constitutes excellence? The  technical ability to do one's work better. Skill in action is the ultimate in achievement.


Hoxley's view was, that "Education should enable an average boy of fifteen or sixteen to read and write his own language with ease and accuracy, and with a sense of literary excellence  derived from the study of various  books / magazines."


According to Hazlitt, "Education is that which remains in us after we have forgotten what we learnt in books."


We strain the memory instead of cultivating the mind. Adopting a wiser course, and endeavouring to give students a wholesome variety of mental food, and endeavouring to cultivate their tastes and stimulate their interests, rather than to fill their minds with dry facts.




We are a producing centre for America to get cheap labour. The  Indian scientist, the India writer,  the  Indian economist, the Indian engineer goes and works for one-tenth of the wages which the Americans would have to pay for themselves. The Americans have found out that Indians make

excellent indentured labour.


Do you blame the young people that they are going to USA, they are going to Montreal, they are going to Canada, the are going to Saudi Arabia? How can they be blamed? They are sick and tired of what goes on here in the name of democracy, what goes on here in the name of education, what goes on here in the name of bureaucracy; they are in a mood


             - :  17  : -


of utter desperation. Would I be correct to summarize the educational system in India in a single sentence, that, of all corruption in India, nothing is more corrupt than the education system.


Is it not true that the quality of life in this country has reached an appalling level of degradation? When people with pride come and say he is an American, he is from Canada, he is from Bangkok, he is from Tokyo, but an Indian has to feel, "I am sorry, I am an Indian." What has converted us

into this? How many of us sit down to think why we have reached this tragic state? Who is responsible for this mess? The core of this mess is corruption - corruption of thought, corruption of deed, corruption of cash, absolute corruption of everything.


Nevertheless, this India of yours, the India of mine, this India of ours is still a great country. I have no intention to paint a rosy picture. The world is great enough, the world is large enough, the world is rich enough, the world is sagacious enough. We may ourselves create opportunities to do whatever we determine to do. But all this will serve only if there is a good canvas and today that canvas is in danger. We should endeavour our best to save it, to avoid to degenerate it, so that our beloved India, our beautiful

India, our diversified India, our own India may become the India of your dreams, the India of my dreams, the India of our dreams.


I love India because India is India.


We cannot expect to be happy if we do not lead pure and useful lives. To be good company for ourselves we must store our minds well; fill them with pure and peaceful thoughts; with pleasant memories of the past and reasonable hopes for the future. We must, as far as may be, protect ourselves from self-reproach and from anxiety. We shall make our lives pure and peaceful, by resisting evil, by placing restraint upon our appetites, and perhaps even more by strengthening and developing our tendencies to good. Peace of mind, as

Ruskin beautifully observes, "must come in its own time, as the waters settle themselves into clearness as well as quietness; you can no more filter your mind into purity than you can compress it into calmness, you must keep it pure if you would have it pure, and throw no stones into it if you would have it quiet."


I understand that you do take interest in Sant Mat. I am, therefore, enclosing herewith two books viz. "The Master Answers (Eng)" and "Amrit Naam (Pbi)" published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas as a token of my regards to your good self.


I am enclosing herewith xerox copy of one of the letters received from Mr H.K. Kaul, former Principal. He had always appreciated my ideas, my questions, my suggestions, my queries. He used to reply each and every letter at length.


In your praise, I would like to mention Marcus Aurelius's most instructive lesson in his character of Antoninus, "Remember his consistency in every act, which is comfortable to reason, his evenness in all things, his piety, the serenity of his countenance, his sweetness, his disregard of

empty fame, and his efforts to understand things; how he would never let anything pass without having first most carefully examined it and clearly understood it, how he did nothing in hurry; how he listened not to calumnies, and how exact an examiner of manners and actions he was; not given to reproach people, nor timid, nor suspicious, nor a sophist; with how little he was satisfied; how labourious and patient; his firmness and uniformity in his friendships; how he tolerated freedom of speech in those who opposed his opinions; and the pleasure that he had when any man showed

him anything better."


Such peace of mind is indeed an inestimable boon, a rich reward of duty fulfilled. No reward is greater than that of doing what is good and just. Work indeed, and hard work too, if only it to be in moderation, is in itself a rich source of happiness.


To be bright and cheerful often requires an effort; there is a certain art in keeping oneself happy. And I think you are certainly having this art.


I understand that you are the real well-wisher, industrious and priceless jewel of the college. Every student and Lecturer respect and appreciate YOU from the core of his heart.


          - :  19  : -

It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice. But you are BOTH!


At the end, I would like to say about you just:




I thank you very much for reading and rereading so patiently this small letter.


I shall be obliged if you may please take pains to reply the letter sparing some time from your busy schedule.


With kindest regards,


( B.B. GOYAL )


cc: 1)  Dr Raghubir Parkash

     2)  Sh Mohinder K. Bansal

     3)  Dr Aneesh Parkash

     4)  Sh Jatinder N. Sharma


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